Charles B. Pierce at 2008 Little Rock Film Festival

From Arkansas Times' Derek Jenkins' recap of the 2008 Little Rock Film Festival:

The single most striking development in the second year of the festival had to have been the inclusion of Charles B. Pierce. The cult favorite is an Arkansas treasure and there couldn't be a more appropriate namesake for the festival's Arkansas award. He seemed truly touched by this honor, and I hope his spirit can wiggle its way into the hearts and minds of all Arkansans. If Christopher Crane and the “Keeping it Natural” panel can make good on their plans for an incentive package aimed at encouraging a native industry, there'll be plenty of room for people like Charlie Pierce within our borders.

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Wonders of Weird said...

Is there a way to reach Mr. Pierce? I am a children's writer working on a book for kids 9 to 12 called IN SEARCH OF SASQUATCH and several of my experts got their start in Bigfoot curiosities watching his classic film, THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK. I am hoping my editor can use the film poster image in the book, but I confess, I probably can't pay for that opportunity. Children's books aren't big budget projects the way adult books can be. I hope he'll consider my request, anyway. What would a book on Sasquatch be without a tribute to his film? Thank you.

Kelly Milner Halls
Children's Writer
Spokane, WA